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Independent music awards, by the artist themselves.

What Is the Plug Independent Music Awards?

The independent music awards are designed to give credit to anyone who may deserve to have star status, but haven’t yet managed to achieve it. It is designed for music lovers to express their opinions and give other artists the chance to give other rising stars some credit. It was started in 2001, by a group of music lovers that range from DJs to fans. This group of people searches high and low to find the best albums, artists, songwriters, and more, each and every year. Then they create a list and allow others to vote for their personal favorite out of the groups. The favorite is then recognized as the best based on the votes that they have received. This enables the fans to vote for their most favorite and helps that person gain the recognition that they deserve as a fan favorite.

concert Plug AwardsHow to Vote for Your Favorite

To vote, you simply visit a website that allows voting and select your most favorite independent artists. There are multiple categories for you to select your favorite in. You can choose your favorite new album, your favorite female or male singer, favorite new talent, and much more. You will also have the ability to vote for your favorite artists in other areas beyond music including new magazines and podcasts. Voting covers a wide range of areas and you can have your say on all of it.

When the time is right, between November and February; you should put in your vote for most favorite. You have plenty of time throughout the year to gain a personal opinion about who may become your favorite. After that, cast your vote and know that you have helped them become “The Best”.

When the Votes Come In

There are a variety of ways to enjoy casting your vote, but the most popular choice is to attend one of the events that are scheduled around the time of the Plug Independent Music Awards. During this time, there are before parties, after parties, and the show itself. During the show and right before, you will have the chance to see some of your most favorite performers doing what they love the most; putting on a fantastic show.

There are plenty of opportunities for you to meet others and get to know people who have an interest in independent music. Perhaps, they will have shared your opinion for favorite songs and other categories. Many of these parties offer special pricing during the before and after parties, which means that you can travel to New York where the awards are held, and enjoy it to the fullest.plug artist award

Cast Your Vote and Plan Your Trip

Without fan support, the Plug music awards would not be as successful as it is. Therefore, we encourage anyone who loves independent music to get logged in on their computer and set to cast their vote. We encourage you to plan your trip to next year’s awards ceremony so that you can ensure that it continues to grow in popularity. It is our promise to you that it will be a vacation and an event that you will not soon forget. Are you ready to see what the Independent Music Awards are all about?