The Plug Awards is known as the event of the year for most people. This is because it is a full day dedicated to the celebration of independent music, popular artists, and all of their fans. There will be a lot of performers taking the stage to entertain and delight everyone. Each entertainer will be live for a full hour so that you have the opportunity to enjoy them to the fullest and you can take part in it all.

What Will You See at the Plug Awards?

When you attend a Plug Independent Music Award event, you will have the opportunity to discover the year’s best self-released albums and the indie label projects that have yet to become discovered. Every vote that counts is cast by fans who want to see their favorites get the top award. This is a great way to discover new possible favorites that you can support throughout the year to come. You will also have the chance to meet others who love the music as much as you do.

Come and Join the Party

The party starts on Friday and does not stop until Sunday for guests who are attending all of the parties. It starts in a lot of areas on Friday where you can enjoy dancing, drink specials, and listening to your favorite independent artists. On Saturday, the entertainment continues in the afternoon when the performers will take to the stage. The show kicks into high gear after that and you will get to see the people that everyone voted for. Then, if you are still as excited as we think you will be; there are after parties plug awards partywaiting for you to attend. Perhaps during these parties, you will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with your favorite musicians from around the world.

Where Will You Be for the Plug Music Awards?

You are invited to attend our party. Will you take advantage of it? Will you be there with us while we see who you voted as a favorite? It is the party of the year and we hope to have your vote. We hope to see your joy when you discover that other people also enjoy the artists that you do. Why would you want to miss out on the fun?