The Plug Independent Music Awards is a collection of music lovers from all walks of life and professions who come together to express their opinion and cast their vote for favorite music and favorite artists. It is a collection of writers, filmmakers, DJs, artists, and fans who may not see what the top-ranking album of the year is; but they know what they love to hear. It gives them a voice and allows them to be heard.

Plug Ensures Everyone Has a Voice

With the Plug Awards, everyone has a chance to tell the world what they love. It is a way for the independent music community to come together and recognize those who stand out, stand up, and support the people you want to hear more of in the future. If your favorite artist has not gained the recognition you feel they should have; now is the chance to ensure that they know you appreciate their efforts.

VotPlug Awardse for Your Favorites

There are several different music categories for you to vote for. There are music categories that enable you to tell us your favorite album, your favorite new artist, your top pick for best female or male singer, your favorite videos, record label, and more. You can even express your favorite music festival. It does not matter whether the people you love listening to have been around for years or they are new on the music scene.

You also have the opportunity with the Plug awards to express your opinion on other things such as your favorite magazine, favorite DVD, and your favorite podcast. By voting, you can express your thoughts on everything entertainment.

Tell Us What You Want

The Plug Awards are a way to recognize your favorites. All you have to do is cast your vote and the world will know who you love listening to. This ensures you will never again have to think, “I wish they were getting the recognition they deserve.” You can make sure that the people you love to hear, see, and watch is getting what they deserve. Are you ready to PLUG in and be heard?